Gourmet Italian Specialties

Biffi, the brand new Gourmet Specialities

The line was born with the aim of giving at the entire world a range of premium quality products, to bring everywhere the essence of Italy . Thanks to its experience in this field, Biffi propose a high quality sauce ready for use in the kitchen like a condiment or as a gourmet ingredient, ideal for Pasta or other main courses.

Tomato-Based Sauces

100% italian tomato sauces, gluten free, used like a simple pasta or pizza condiment, or as a gourmet ingredient for fish or meat sauce.

Typical Specialities

Refined flavors suitable for pasta dressing, or to decorate flans, pies or white meat dishes.

Basil Pesto Sauces

Our basil is not cooked, but cold-processed, just the way you would prepare it at home. The result is a greener Pesto with strong aroma and flavor.

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