Our methods of production

From selection of the ingredients
to controls during processing

Only selected raw materials

At present, the entire production is just in time and gluten free; additionally, it is mostly free from additives and added preservatives to ensure maximum naturalness to the products.
Each SKU is prepared with selected raw materials, and the production process carefully combines craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology to ensure the highest quality level.



Our Pesto,
processed according to Tradition

Our pesto is cold-processed, following Genoa’s artisan tradition. Basil reaches our plant fresh and it is not pasteurized during the process: to fully respect its essence, its colour and aroma.
This is why the taste of our Pesto is so intense.

Tradition and creativity of our recipes

In 1966 Pietro Casella founds Formec Biffi building its success on constant investment in research, innovation and creativity and on a single imperative: aiming at top quality in every phase of production, from control of raw materials up to the finished product.

Having acquired the Biffi brand, for about 30 years the company has fulfilled the legacy of Paolo Biffi, creative mind of taste since1852. The Company has indeed maintained and developed its unique ability to create always new recipes drawn from tradition and renewing them in a rich range of specialities in continue evolution.

Craftsmanship and evolution in processing

Constant investment in Research and Development, the foundations of strict control and excellent production quality, has granted Biffi the opportunity to enjoy the natural pleasure of a healthy diet.

Thanks to the work carried out by 11 researchers who apply their skills to an accurate selection and analyses of the raw materials, assess the organoleptic features of the products, and constantly experiment with new recipes and solutions.

The detailed care of artisan processing, handed down from a lengthy tradition of excellence in gastronomy, is updated today by using the latest techniques of analyses, control and production.

Biffi’s range of products

Wide ranging SKUs: from fresh to preserved products, from mayonnaise and dressings to pasta sauces, sauces, and finally let’s not forgot the historic Panettone.

The line of Biffi fresh pasta sauces now includes 28 SKUs, from pesto to organic and veggie specialities, and some typical regional ones.