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Exhibition of Antonio Ligabue from February 15 at Biffi Arte

February 2019

From February 15 to April 28 Biffi Arte is pleased to host the Exhibition of Antonio Ligabue, thanks to the collaboration with the Fondazione Archivio Antonio Ligabue di Parma. 82 works will be displayed – 59 paintings and 23 bronze sculptures, representing the three main periods in which the artistic production of Ligabue has been divided.

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Biffi Main Sponsor of the 19th Cairo Award

October 2018

Once again for 2018 Biffi confirms to be the Main Sponsor of the 19th Cairo Award, curated by Redazione di Arte, a monthly magazine published by Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori-Cairo Editore.

The XIX Cairo Award will be held in the prestigious exhibition rooms of the Royal Palace of Milan from October 16 to 21.

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Biffi winner of the 15th Media Key Award!

September 2018

On the 25th of September Formec Biffi received the coveted Press Award, Outdoor & Promotion Key Award, for the Best Advertisement of the Food sector in Italy, with the Biffi Ad campaign called “Pesto lovers care for it”’;

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I love street food Biddi la linea

The I Love Street Food line is now topped!

July 2018

The I Love Street Food Biffi line is now topped… Click here to discover all the latest!

The Ambient Line wears a tuxedo

June 2018

To fully stress the high quality of our products, our Ambient Line has a new graphic look!

ketchup-maionese kemaio biffi

The Salsa KeMaio is on its way!

Maj 2018

The mildness of mayonnaise blended with the intense taste of Ketchup, with perfect and smooth texture: here is KeMaio Biffi!

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Pesto Biffi leggero con il 30% di Grassi in meno

March 2018

Pesto Leggero Biffi comes to be!

A Fresh Pesto with 30% less fat compared to the traditional version.

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