Venues for taste, culture and wellbeing

Biffi’s philosophy beyond the table, for Our Community

Corte Biffi

New multifunctional space for taste

Corte Biffi guest quarters are located just half hour away from Milan’s city centre. This is a unique and exquisitely private place, where traditional taste meets the needs of Companies and Private parties, and is available as exclusive venue for Conventions and big Events, Cooking and Tasting Courses.

Biffi Gusto

The shop of flavours

In 2011 Biffi Gusto was opened: an elegant shop dedicated to those curious people and those looking for special and refined gifts; on display here the company products and selected high quality food and wine specialities from all over the world, presented in elegant and sophisticated packaging.

Biffi Arte

In 2009, Pietro Casella opened in Piacenza Biffi Arte, a contemporary art gallery and an experimental lab for various expressive languages dedicated to renowned and emerging artists. The gallery’s objective is to enhance and promote the Biffi brand with creativity. Biffi Arte is located at the entrance of Palazzo Marazzani Visconti, overlooking Piazza S. Antonino and the city’s oldest basilica. The space is distributed on two floors, and houses a contemporary and modern art gallery, the Sala Biffi, an official area dedicated to the Biffi brand and, on the first floor, an important room devoted to photography.

Biffi Vita

The philosophy of wellbeing

Another constant in the history of Formec Biffi, in addition to the passion for quality and creativity, is valuing people, what in marketing terms is known as “Human Resources”. Management is very well aware of how precious and essential this ingredient is in creating the recipe for success, especially when it blends with team spirit and sense of belonging. This philosophy has found a concrete expression in a new space, located in the large company park, dedicated to the employees and their families, as well as the public: a proper sports centre with a Gym with 4 Training rooms, and Futsal pitches with artificial grass turf.