Our product Lines

Classic Line

The Pasta Sauce and Sauce Line for those who love the simple taste of tradition.

pesto, ketchup maieonese biologici

Organic Line

Biffi Organic: Pasta Sauces and Sauces with organic raw materials from Certified Supply Chains.

pesto, ketchup maieonese biologici

100% Veggie Line

A vegetarian interpretation of the classics of Italian traditional gastronomy.

pesto, ragù, insalata russa 100% vegetali
pesto senza aglio biffi

Light Line

The full taste Biffi with 30% less fat.

pesto senza aglio biffi

I Love Street Food Line

A new line of sauces entirely dedicated to the Street Food World and characterised by an innovative and artistic packaging.

salse street food

Sweets and Coffees

From the pastry tradition started by Paolo Biffi in 1852, a Line entirely dedicated to the most refined and gourmand palates.