Our basil
is cold-processed and non-pasteurized

This means that our pesto is different: it does not undergo any heat treatment.
Basil is not cooked, but cold-processed, just the way you would prepare it at home.

The result is a greener pesto
with a stronger aroma and taste.

Only PDO Genoese Basil

The sea scent makes the taste of PDO Genoese Basil inimitable. Our basil comes exclusively from the Ligurian coast: we process it with care and respect to give our pesto the unique and unmistakeable flavour that distinguishes it.

Nature inspires us

”For Biffi we only select the top leaves of the basil plants
because they are tenderer and more aromatic”

Stefania Bonetti
producer of Basilico Genovese PDO Biffi

All the flavours of our Pesto

Choose, order, enjoy

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