Pesto Biffi


The perfect Pesto

The flavours and intense aromas of the Ligurian coast are enshrined in Biffi’s Genoa-style Pesto, one of the most typical preparations of our culinary tradition.

The secret of this Pesto of unmistakeable taste is in the first-cut Basilico Genovese PDO, pine nuts, extra virgin olive oil.
Biffi Classic Pesto with Basilico Genovese PDO is GLUTEN FREE.

Cold-processed<br />
and non-pasteurized

and non-pasteurized

With Genoese PDO basil

With Genoese PDO basil

Gluten Free

Gluten Free

Made in Italy

Made in Italy

Characteristics of our Chilled Genoese Pesto with PDO basil:

  • Classic Line
  • Fresh
  • Packaged in 140g Resealable Tub

Only Basilico Genovese PDO,

The sea scent grants inimitable taste to the Basilico Genovese PDO.
Our basil comes exclusively from the Ligurian coast: we process it with care and respect to give our pesto its unique and unmistakeable distinguishing flavour.

Nature inspires us

”For Biffi we only select the top leaves of the basil plants because they are more tender and more aromatic”

Stefania Bonetti
producer of Basilico Genovese PDO Biffi