Biffi Mayonnaise
and Sauces

Good and Italian

Proudly Italian

We are Italian and are proud of it.
We created Biffi Mayonnaise and Sauces developing recipes that are tailor-made to the taste of our tradition.

Unique and balanced flavour, perfect and even texture

in a delicate cream that combines the respect for tradition
and the most varied needs of modern cuisine in a refined harmony.

Only sunflower oil and eggs from cage-free hens

For our mayonnaise we only use sunflower and olive oil, and eggs are exclusively from cage-free hens.

Try the taste of Organic products

Try the unmistakeable and natural taste of our Organic Mayonnaise, produced only with organic raw materials from certified supply chains.

All the flavours of Biffi Mayonnaise and Sauces

  • 100% veggie
  • Classic
  • I Love Street Food
  • Light
  • Organic
  • Red sauces
  • Sweets and Coffees

Choose, order, enjoy

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